St. Kitts Gets A Lift With Venture Deeper Campaign’s Success In Canada

Things are going well, real, well for St. Kitts’ tourism industry these days as its Venture Deeper campaign is hitting all the right notes here in Canada and in the destination’s key markets around the world.

In fact, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, International Transport, Employment and Labour, Urban Development, Marsha Tamika Henderson; the CEO, St. Kitts Tourism Authority, Ellison ‘Tommy’ Thompson; the Deputy CEO, St. Kitts Tourism Authority, Melnecia Marshall were all in an upbeat mood when they met with travel trade types in Toronto this week to update them on what to expect from the destination out of Canada this winter.

In conversation with Press Today, Minister Henderson observed of the Venture Deeper campaign – which has been in the market for just over a year – that: “Our brand has resonated in the market. We were able to position the destination as a soulful, meaningful, authentic type of destination and we’ve managed to see solid and consistent load factors since the launching of the brand.”

As a result of that success, Minister Henderson told Press Today that Air Canada has increased its seat capacity to St. Kitts by 66% for the upcoming 2023-2024 winter season.

“We think the brand has attained its main objective which was to bring passengers to the destination and encourage them to Venture Deeper,” the Minister said.

She noted that the winter 2023-2024 season begins on Nov. 3, 2023, with flights every Friday and Saturday up until April 2024.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the results of the brand campaign and I can only see it going further.”

The Toronto event was branded as ‘An Evening of Romance & Travel Trends,” and designed to highlight St. Kitts’ natural romanticism and further emphasize the destination’s push into the romance market and featured a keynote presentation from Alison McGill, Canada’s foremost authority on the romance industry.

In 2023, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority inked a comprehensive collaboration with McGill, an award-winning writer, creative producer, media personality, romance influencer and host of the Aisle Seat podcast. 

With romance considered one of the fastest-growing sectors coming out of the pandemic, the first-of-its-kind collaboration with McGill is a strategic move for the destination, helping it tap into her network and amplify the message that St. Kitts is tailor-made for romance.

Citing a recent study that shows travelling together enriches and builds relationships, McGill noted during her keynote that: “Romantic travel is more important than ever.  Couples need to get away, get back to connecting with one another and St. Kitts is the dream destination for this because you can play in so many ways. There is adventure in the rainforest, unique culinary experiences, plenty of luxury, incredible attractions, and so much more.  Couples are looking for destinations that are unique, authentic and offer the kind of exploration and immersion that helps them make new memories together.”

She also touched on the post-pandemic destination wedding market, emphasizing that: “The wedding boom is real and something that will continue well into 2025 with couples wanting to indulge their guests with a wedding experience, not just a ceremony. A destination wedding is a beautiful way to do this, and St. Kitts is the kind of place modern couples are now putting on their consideration list.  And with sister island Nevis just a quick water taxi ride away, you get two dream destinations in one – a total paradise.”

The evening wrapped up with a fireside discussion featuring Alison McGill, CEO Thompson and DCEO Marshall, who recreated the discussion around a recent podcast episode on Aisle Seat.

Drawing on the brand’s campaign slogan, “Venture Deeper”, the trio discussed how couples can easily dive into the culture and have more meaningful travel experiences in St. Kitts.  They talked about authentic experiences couples can enjoy together, including the new, one-of-a-kind Kittitian RumMaster certification program or the Belle Mont Farm field dinner that takes place in the middle of the rainforest surrounded by monkeys.

To learn more about romantic escapes and planning a destination wedding in St. Kitts, read the destination’s new Romance Guide. 

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Seen from l to r, are Ellison ‘Tommy’ Thompson, CEO, St. Kitts Tourism Authority; Marsha Tamika Henderson, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, International Transport, Employment and Labour, Urban Development; and Melnecia Marshall, Deputy CEO, St. Kitts Tourism Authority, Melnecia Marshall at the event in Toronto on Sept. 26.  

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Keynote speaker for the evening was romance industry specialist,  Alison McGill.