Standardize, Expand, Rethink

With the US, Canada and the UK all broadening or imposing quarantine periods for international travellers, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) made it clear that such measures are “a real problem.”

GBTA’s interim executive director, Dave Hilfman said: “The business travel industry and its millions of jobs globally continue to support all necessary and practical measures to make travel safe again.”

Hilfman continued: “These measures, put in place to mitigate risk, protect travellers and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its variants, should continue to be science-based and to strike the appropriate balance between public health and protecting the global economy.”

“However,” Hilfman continued, “the move towards quarantines despite multiple studies that question their effectiveness is a real problem. The science suggests that quarantines rank far down the list of effective COVID-19 mitigation measures.”

And he pointed out that: “Pre-departure testing can help ensure the safety of travellers and residents, while allowing essential international travel to take place without compromising public health.”

And GBTA’s Hilfman concludes: “At a time when the business travel industry continues to fight for its existence, a comprehensive approach that does not embrace quarantines can help stop the pandemic and stop the further proliferation of job losses and financial ruin.”

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