Stardust Letters Re-Lamped and On Display

The monumental Stardust letters – one of Las Vegas’ Neon Museum’s most iconic Neon Boneyard sign exhibits – have been re-lamped and are now illuminated daily.

These letters join the growing number of restored and illuminated Las Vegas neon signs on display in the Boneyard.

To re-lamp the eight letters, which range in height from 14 to 18 feet, Hartlauer Signs used more than 1,100 energy-efficient, three-watt cold cathode compact fluorescent (CCFL) bulbs. Their original location on the building and the year they were put on it are currently unknown. The sign originally used 25-watt incandescent bulbs. In the course of this partial restoration, Hartlauer Signs found flashers, electrical devices enabling the oscillating effect associated with bulbed signs. Now, visitors to the Boneyard can see the Stardust illuminated just how it appeared when it last functioned on the Las Vegas Strip.

(photo courtesy of the Neon Museum)