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On The Road At The TL Network Conference In Orlando

Over 140 members of TL Network Canada – previously branded as Canada – joined hundreds of their U.S. counterparts in a full session of the 2017 Travel Leaders Network inaugural International conference in Orlando, Florida yesterday, reports Press Today’s Ron Pradinuk who’s attending the event.
Emcee Steve Loucks introduced this year’s theme, Be A Leader, to an enthusiastic crowd.

Loucks then proceeded to introduce a number of the industry leading sponsor companies to the audience, whose presentations demonstrated why they will continue to be leaders over the coming decades.

Princess Cruise Lines introduced their new Ocean Medallion program which will be available on the Regal Princess this November, followed by integration into Royal Princess, Caribbean Princess, and Island Princess in January, March and May of 2018 respectively.

Encrypted medallions, given to each passenger, will include a number of benefit options.

It will enable a more personalized experience for smoother and faster arrival and boarding, it will become the key to the client’s stateroom, allowing the guests to order food from anywhere on the ship, and provide the crew an opportunity to know guests names and preferences more easily.

Hertz, who will turn a hundred years old next year, described their expanded program which allows renters access to a range of automobiles for faster departures, and they introduced their new luxury car collection that will be available in most jurisdictions.

Not to be outdone in the cruise sector, Celebrity Cruises unveiled its unique outdoor deck system, branded the Celebrity Edge — it’s literally an outdoor facility attached to the side of the ship. It can be raised or lowered to become the ramp for shore departures, a private entertainment lounge, or a patio style dining room, depending upon which deck it is position.

But the highlight of the morning came from Travel Leaders Network president, Roger Block. “Our mission is to insure your success,” he underscored.

It is perhaps this commitment that has lead to CDN$22-billion in annual sales, through almost 7000 agencies and over 38,000 agents.

Christine James, vice-president of TL Network Canada mirrored Block’s comments.

Each Canadian member has continually demonstrated what it takes to ‘Be A Leader’ in the industry with their unsurpassed knowledge and expertise. Now they will have many more opportunities to network with other exceptional agents and learn all about all the innovations that our powerhouse organization can provide through truly revolutionary launches this week,” she said.

And one of those groundbreaking launches that TL executives are promising is set to be rolled out to members today.

So stay tuned – it’s a big one!


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