Travel Agent Appreciation

Staying Positive, Saying Thanks

Our friends at Anderson Vacations passed this on to Press Today recently and seeing that it’s May and time to appreciate all of the things that travel agents do – in this case, beyond taking care of their customers – we thought it would be a good idea to run it as we received it.

It’s a letter from Katie Webster at Personal Travel Management, about a contest that they launched — with Anderson Vacations and Strategic Private Wealth — that allows people to nominate an essential worker to win a trip an Aurora Borealis trip with Anderson.

Webster explains how it all came about: who writes:

“We have been meeting twice a week via zoom since the suspension of all non-essential travel to support each other in navigating the widespread cancellations, repatriation of our clients abroad, insurance rules, and to encourage a positive solution-focused approach to navigating the changes in our industry and the world.”

Webster continues:

“Once our colleagues and clients were all safely back on Canadian soil, the focus of our twice-weekly conversations shifted to how we could continue to support each other and our community moving forward. One of our agents had the idea to do a give-away to show our gratitude to the front line medical and emergency first responders staff in Canada.”

To that end, Webster said:

“We approached fellow Canadian small group tour agency Anderson Vacations to partner with us and they graciously provided a uniquely Canadian and truly magical Aurora Borealis winter experience in the Canadian North. This is an incredible bucket list trip of a lifetime itinerary that we are thrilled to be able to offer for this contest! Vancouver investment management company Strategic Private Wealth Counsel generously came to the table offering to cover the airfare for the lucky winners.”

And she explains that:

“As it is likely that travel within our own country will be the first to reopen for us here in Canada. Ultimately, we wanted to provide an experience that was exciting, meaningful, and on many people’s bucket lists, but that the winner also didn’t have to wait too long to get to use.”

So here are the contest details:

Nominate Canadian Essential Healthcare Workers and First Responders to be entered to win an Aurora Borealis trip of a lifetime.”

Webster noted that:

“At Personal Travel Management, we are incredibly grateful to the essential healthcare workers and first responders of Canada working around the clock to keep us safe and healthy.”

She continued:

“Together with fellow Canadian based companies, small group tour provider Anderson Vacations and investment management company Strategic Private Wealth Counsel, we are honouring these brave and dedicated members of our incredible nation with a trip of a lifetime.”

Webster said:

“It is our way of saying thank you and acknowledging that these vital members of our communities will be in need of a well-deserved vacation – just as soon as we are all able to travel again.”

So, she said:

“Nominate your fellow Canadians actively working in essential frontline healthcare and first responder roles today. They will be entered to win a grand prize trip: Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Experience in Iconic Yellowknife.”

Go to to make your nomination.



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