Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Air Transat is taking off with a new promotional campaign in Canada: Time to go. The campaign encourages Canadians to step out of their comfort zone, and demonstrates that it’s essential to travel in order to recharge one’s batteries and escape the monotony of everyday life.

Developed in collaboration with creative agency Sid Lee, the campaign is built around videos featuring protagonists in their routine that has gotten too comfortable: a couple asleep in front of the TV, a man working on one of his numerous motorcycles in his garage, and a woman watering hundreds of plants in her apartment. The brand’s message is directly inspired by the habits of staying at home that many have developed in an excessive way since the pandemic.

Joseph Adamo, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Transat, said that:  “Time to go is perfectly aligned with our mission, which encourages us to benefit from the transformative power of travel – openness. We believe that one of the best ways to grow personally is to get out of that comfortable routine.”

Rolled out in Quebec and Ontario, the campaign includes 30-, 15- and 6-second video ads, in addition to a radio ad. The multiplatform campaign can also be seen in online media and on various types of billboards. Most of these placements include a message contextualized to the location of the ad that encourages people to question their habits and comfort zone, and ultimately, the need to spice things up through travel.