Stopover In Panama With Copa Airlines

A cosmopolitan city along with “gorgeous coffee farms, abundant biodiversity and pristine beaches” can now be discovered at no additional airfare with Panama and Copa Airlines’ relaunch of the attractive Stopover in Panama program.

The initiative seeks to encourage passengers that travel to any of the airline’s destinations through the “Hub of the Americas” in Panama to schedule time for a stop in the country at the time of ticket purchase, without additional cost in air fare. In doing so, tourists can enjoy two destinations for the price of one.

Visitors now have the opportunity to diversify their trip with special tours and packages that help them journey into Panama´s wonders.

These experiences will allow travellers to discover Panama through its rich heritage pillars featuring Cultural Heritage (multifaceted culture and history), Green Heritage (extraordinary biodiversity), and Blue Heritage (ocean wonders). Activities include multicultural museums, untouched islands, white-sand beaches, ecotourism, entertainment, and vibrant gastronomy, offering inspiring itineraries for every type of traveller.

Ivan Eskildsen, Panama’s minister of tourism, said: “Panama is a nation of extraordinary diversity and richness of nature, culture and history. This program opens up more possibilities for visitors to explore the variety of authentic experiences Panama has to offer. Breathtaking parks and trails, cultural interchange with our ethnos diverse communities, the Panama Canal, and spectacular museums are just a few of the surprises that await travellers.”

Fernando Fondevila PROMTUR Panama´s CEO, said: “We are delighted to relaunch the Stopover in Panama partnership with Copa Airlines as we make a commitment to share Panama’s beauty and culture with travellers.”

And Fondevila continued: “No matter the time of year, there is a reason to visit our destination and share experiences with our people. This partnership presents travellers with an easy option to add Panama to their upcoming trip.”

Travellers in Canada can take advantage of this program via Copa Airlines routes out of Toronto and Montreal.

This program is available on trips to all destinations served by the airline in 28 countries across the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Dennis Cary, Copa Airlines senior commercial vice president, pointed out that: “The Panama Stopover program is a sign of our commitment to showcasing Panama’s unique tourist attractions and diverse cultural heritage for travellers who fly through the Tocumen International Airport. The Hub of the Americas offers extensive connectivity to the rest of the continent and, thanks to the effort of the authorities and the tourism sector, Panama is ready to welcome travellers interested in experiencing all the wonders the country has to offer.”

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