StudentUniverse Survey Finds Gen Z Looking For Good Value

In a newly released survey, StudentUniverse – a Flight Centre Travel Group Company – took a deep dive into how the growing market of Gen Z travellers contribute to trends in the group travel segment.

To begin with, the survey found that Gen Z travellers are placing a high value on customer satisfaction and are seeking out travel companies with a track record of positive reviews and repeat customers.

In fact, when asked to rank the importance of a variety of considerations when considering booking with a travel company the factors that Gen Z travellers rated as very important include:

  • Brand trust (68%)
  • Good customer service (66%)
  • Positive customer reviews (64%)

Good value for the money was another factor and was ranked as very important by 68% of respondents.

Clearly, Gen Z travellers are taking the time to research the travel company they are considering booking with and are listening to insights from other travellers and their peers.

As for those factors that Gen Z travellers ranked as being of least importance were brand alignment with their own values and the ability to travel with like-minded individuals.

This doesn’t mean that brand values are not important necessarily to Gen Z, but given they are putting an emphasis on spending their dollars with companies that are providing a high level of customer satisfaction indicates they are looking at the whole package. Essentially, they want to travel with those who don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

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