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Summer savings from Rail Europe

Rail Europe is offering travellers the opportunity to speed across Europe for less this summer, with 20% off first class Thalys tickets and 30% off first class train tickets to, from and within France. From June 14-28, travellers can enjoy 20% savings by entering code THALYS20 on each booking. With the First Class Deal on Thalys, travellers will save up to $50 on first class Thalys tickets. For travellers looking to explore beyond France and into Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany, the high speed Thalys train connects to 10 of Europe’s favourite cities such as Paris to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Cologne and Dusseldorf. A first class Thalys ticket includes a meal served at your seat. Additionally, from June 19-July 3, Rail Europe is offering 30% off first class tickets throughout France and on most international high speed trains to or from France to destinations such as Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and more. With the Something to Get Bubbly About: 30% Off France & Beyond promotion, travellers can save up to $60 on first class tickets by entering code FRANCE30 during purchase. With France as its hub, the high-speed rail network interconnects much of Europe, offering city centre to city centre travel that is both comfortable and fast. (

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