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‘Sun for Everyone’ with Transat Holidays


Transat Holidays has launched a new south campaign under the theme

“Sun for everyone.”

The nationwide campaign showcases the personal experiences of Transat clients in Sun destinations, and is available on TV, online, in the newspaper, on social media and on the radio. Photos, videos and testimonials place vacationers at the centre of this vast advertising campaign, by putting the idea of sharing at the heart of the creative strategy. Transat Holidays has also adopted a new visual identity: the ultimate travel symbol, a luggage tag in Transat’s signature blue acts as a unifying design element.

“By using real travellers in our advertising campaign, we are realistically emphasizing the authentic experience our brand offers vacationers,” said Geneviève LeBrun, senior director, Marketing, Transat Tours Canada. “We are re-affirming the accessibility of Transat Holidays’ products, which enable individual vacationers to experience their own dream vacation.”