Surfing showcased

Honolulu’s Bishop Museum has opened its new exhibit “Mai Kinohi Mai: Surfing in Hawaii,” running through May 3, 2020, in its Castle Memorial Building.

The exhibit invites visitors to explore surfing as a culture, an art, a sport and a way of life.

Using the museum’s research and collections in partnership with the local surfing community, the exhibit displays the oldest surfboards known to exist, some owned by Hawaiian royalty.

Rare memorabilia as well as archival photos and manuscripts help to tell the story of surfing from its roots in traditional Hawaiian culture to its expansion as a worldwide phenomenon.

One entire room features projection screens showing a mix of classic and current surfing scenes, cinematically creating the immersive experience of being within the waves.

The new exhibit is timely, as surfing has been confirmed as an approved sport for the 2020 Summer Olympics.