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Two-thirds of Torontonians surveyed support Porter Airlines’ plans to fly Bombardier CS100 aircraft from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. The result is based on a public opinion survey of 19,500 people. A summary of the results are as follows: !!! When asked, “Do you support allowing jets to fly out of the airport if they make a comparable amount of noise to the turboprops currently being flown from the Island Airport?”– 66.2% supported these plans, 22.3% were opposed and 11.5% undecided or unsure. !!! When asked, “Do you support lengthening the runway if the area currently used by boats will not be changed?”– 62.5% supported these plans, 22.3% were opposed and 15.2% undecided or unsure. !!! When asked, “Should Toronto City Council allow jets to fly out of the Toronto Island Airport?”– 51.3% supported these plans, 28.7% were opposed and 20% undecided or unsure. On April 10, Porter unveiled plans to expand its list of destinations across North America, including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Los Angeles, Miami and Orlando. As part of these plans, Porter announced a conditional purchase agreement with Bombardier for 12 firm CS100 aircraft and purchase rights for six Q400 aircraft. Porter is requesting that each of the parties to the Tripartite Agreement governing Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport’s operation (City of Toronto, Federal Government and Toronto Port Authority) consider an exemption from the commercial jet ban in place at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport only for the CS100, and a 168-metre extension into the water at each end of the main runway, provided such extension would not require any change to the existing marine exclusion zone in place today. (

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