Sustainability Solutions Adaptable To Tourism Operations

Tourism companies that are looking for ways to improve their sustainability profile, and to reduce their environmental footprint, can expand their search by finding adaptable methods and technologies in unrelated fields.

This year’s IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism Conference in Victoria this past spring showcased the efforts and achievements of companies big and small across various business sectors, with one thing in common. That is, they have marshalled their energies to enact innovative sustainability – regeneration – solutions. They want tourism companies to know that these methods are adaptable to any number of operational requirements in the tourism sector.

“The opportunities to adapt a sustainability method or technology solution for application to tourism operations are out there now,” said Marion Joppe, president of Tourism Environment and a professor at the University of Guelph. “The big challenge now is getting the word out, so that tourism companies know that these innovations are available to them.”

An important part of the IMPACT agenda was devoted to the presentations of sustainable innovators, whose creations are either already being applied directly to tourism functions, or can be adapted to serve a tourism priority. This mission to describe and share innovation was a key platform on the agenda of this year’s IMPACT conference.

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