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Sweet Times Ahead for the Dominican


The Dominican Republic is literally sweetening the pot when it comes to its tourist trade.

December is expected to see the opening of The Kah Kow Experience in Santo Domingo, with the new attraction telling of the production of Ka Kow’s chocolate, giving visitors the lowdown on that confectionery in a structure reputed to be the third-oldest house in the Americas.

The attraction will include The Forest, with “artificial trees” leading people to feel “as if you’re in our real farm,” says Kah Kow Experience project manager Carol Felix.

A theatre will trace the history of chocolate in the country, with Christopher Columbus – who visited what’s now the Dominican Republic in 1492 – reported to have been smitten with Dominican cacao beans, which The Kah Kow Experience says are all-critical to the creation of true chocolate. Workshops will be available in a kitchen, providing insights on the making of the likes of cookies, cakes and pastries.

“Our chocolate is gourmet,” says Elaine De Windt of Kah Kow, which claims to be “the art of Dominican cacao.”
“We are very good in what we do,” she adds.

Kah Kow says the Dominican Republic is the largest producer of organic cacao beans anywhere.

Abdalah Castillo, chairman of the Dominican Republic Tourism Board’s Canadian office, is welcoming the new attraction, saying it underscores that his homeland is more than sun-swept beaches.
“We have culture, we have history and we have the history of the cacao bean,” he said. “And absolutely we have the best chocolate.”

Pictured are Yadira Gomez of the Dominican Republic Tourism Board, Olivia Brutto and Castillo.

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