Switzerland Post Solid Results

Switzerland tourism officials report that 2016 arrival numbers out of Canada remained strong in 2016.

With Evelyn Lafone, market director Canada for Switzerland Tourism, pointing out that:

“Canadian travellers are #InLoveWithSwitzerland.”

And recently released tourism data from the Swiss Federal Office of Statistics prove it as Canadian arrivals and overnights numbers remained solid compared to the previous year – which happened to be an all-time record year.

Even the last three months – and that includes January 2017 – showed another moderate increase.
And over the past ten years, the number of Canadians visiting Switzerland has been growing by a total of 30%.

Which led Lafone to observe: “Canadians appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the Swiss cities as well as the natural beauty of the mountains.”

The most popular regions (in order) in 2016 included:

  • Zurich Region
  • Geneva Region
  • Valais Region

While the biggest growth region was the Graubuenden which saw a 14.3% increase in Canadian overnights in 2016.

In 2016, Switzerland saw its Canadian arrivals grow by 0.9% to 103,534; while the number of overnight stays from the Canada in 2016 was 227,173 – a slight decrease of 3% compared to 2015, which was an all-time record year (only arrivals and overnights in Swiss hotels are counted; vacation homes, other kinds of accommodation and visits with friends and family are not included).

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