Taiwan Tourism’s Toronto workshop highlights adventure travel

On May 21, the Taiwan Tourism Administration hosted a Taiwan Adventures Workshop at Du Hsiao Yueh restaurant in Markham, Ont. that drew nearly 60 travel advisors and suppliers.

Earlier this month, the Taiwan Tourism Administration unveiled a new logo with the slogan, “Waves of Wonder”.

Alex Trup, marketing director at Purple Media, which represents Taiwan in Canada, explained that the destination’s winding roads, railways, mountains and oceans inspired the new branding, and noted the new vibrant colour palette which evokes the diversity of both the local population and the experiences available to visitors. 

Win $1,000 with Taiwan Tourism

The Taiwan Tourism School is incentivizing advisors to complete the Taiwan Tourism 101 course with a $1,000 CAD bonus for the first 20 companies to book 30 passengers to Taiwan by Aug. 31.

There are also incentives for FIT travellers, such as the Taiwan the Lucky Land prize draw for $5,000 Taiwan dollars and the Taiwan Pass which allows unlimited rides on high-speed rail for three days.  

Direct flights to Taipei

Avery Chuang, Deputy Manager at EVA Air, highlighted the carrier’s daily direct flights to Taipei from Toronto and Vancouver, and reminded guests that Taiwan is a convenient hub to the rest of Asia.

EVA Air currently operates 13 direct routes from Taiwan to South East Asia, nine routes to North East Asia, and nine to mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. 

The adventure capital of Asia

Also in attendance was Michael McCreesh, founder of Taiwan Outdoors, who positioned Taiwan as the “adventure capital of Asia” due to its natural wonders. The island’s green space is not hard to find, with 18 forest recreation areas and 10 national parks that allow visitors to quickly travel from bustling city to secluded nature.

Guests can easily take a city tour in the morning and surf, hike, birdwatch, see waterfalls, or go on a night safari later the same day. Biking is also increasingly popular due to the famous Route 1. 

Guests got a taste of Taiwanese flavours like bubble tea, marinated abalone, ta-a noodles and more, and wrapped up the workshop by networking with suppliers like Royal Scenic, Okushu Tours and Exotik Journeys.

The Taiwan Tourism Administration will also host the Workshop in Vancouver on May 23.