Take An Educational Journey With Expedia Group

Expedia Group Academy has been launched, migrating from the Expedia Group Academy LinkedIn group to a new online learning platform.

The company’s new complimentary education program is designed to help displaced or furloughed travel workers expand their skill sets, develop professional networks and open career opportunities while the industry starts the road to recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Expedia Group Academy offers online learning modules, themed by month, led by industry and subject matter experts as well as Expedia Group executives. Modules will include webinars, online trainings, activity guides and downloadable resources.

Travel industry employees can sign up for Expedia Group Academy by going to https://gateway.on24.com/wcc/experience/eliteexpedia/2445012/2456002/expedia-group-academy .

The upcoming course schedule includes:

  • July: Professional Development — The learning journey begins with three tracks to develop interpersonal skills, including elevating personal brand, managing online reputation and interview preparation. Information will be delivered by Price Waterhouse Coopers Partner, Blair Taylor and Insights, who will use their world leading people development solution, Insights Discovery.
  • August: Industry Overview — To build on interpersonal skills, industry experts will join Expedia Group Academy to share insights into the various sectors of the travel industry ranging from lodging, air and cruise, providing participants with an understanding of each sector.
  • September: Enhancing Business Skills — Participants will develop skills in high-demand areas such as data and analytics, financial planning, sales training and marketing. All material is presented with a travel industry lens.
  • October: Leadership Foundations — The final module focuses on transformational and purpose-led leadership with trainings on effective coaching, inclusive leadership and managing stakeholders.

Melissa Maher, chief inclusion officer, Expedia Group, explained that: “Expedia Group Academy is part of our holistic approach to help the entire travel industry, including our displaced workers, stay productive and on a path towards growth and success during this disruption.”

Maher continued: “Expedia Group Academy will help upskill industry employees as they look to return to full time employment in a way that strengthens not only their career opportunities but will also make them a valuable addition to any company.”

The core goal of Expedia Group Academy is to provide participants with knowledge, networks and resources to support their return to the travel industry workforce.  Upon completion of each monthly module, participants will unlock exclusive opportunities that better equip them for their next employment opportunity.

Participants and interested individuals can also connect with other participants on the Expedia Group Academy LinkedIn Group, which has already attracted more than 1,200 industry members.