Take Off To Europe With Transat

Air Transat has released details of its 2017 transatlantic flight program for travellers from Ontario, offering 26 European destinations in 13 countries next summer.

The carrier will feature an expanded connecting flight program, which includes service between Toronto and Montreal and between Montreal and Ottawa, that will result in increased access to its wide range of transatlantic destinations.

From Toronto, Air Transat will be increasing the frequency of 13 of its flights to offer 26 destinations next summer, 15 of which will be reachable by direct flight:

  • Eight weekly flights to London (England)
  • Daily flights to Paris (France) and Rome (Italy)
  • Six weekly flights to Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Five weekly flights to Glasgow (Scotland), Manchester (England), Barcelona (Spain), Marseille (France) and Porto (Portugal)
  • Four weekly flights to Amsterdam (Netherlands),  Athens (Greece), Lyon (France) and Dublin (Ireland)
  • Three weekly flights to Venice (Italy) and Brussels (Belgium)
  • Two weekly flights to Nantes, Nice and Toulouse (France), Malaga and Madrid (Spain), Prague (Czech Republic) and Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Weekly flights to Bordeaux (France), Birmingham (England), Lamezia (Italy) and Basel-Mulhouse (Switzerland)From Ottawa, Air Transat will offer six new destinations:
  • Two weekly flights to Paris (France), Rome (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain)
  • Weekly flights to Lisbon (Portugal), Venice (Italy) and Brussels (Belgium)

Along with these destinations, a number of other cities in France, Spain, England and Ireland will be available with one flight segment (departure or return) per week.

The carrier indicates that this will be ideal for travellers from the Ottawa area who are seeking to visit even more destinations during their holiday, by landing in one European city and returning from another.

The multi-destination option is offered at no extra cost to travellers. A holiday beginning in London can therefore be combined with a trip to Paris or Scotland, for example.

Those looking to travel within Canada can also enjoy the Air Transat experience, thanks to its domestic flights. Service between Toronto and Montreal will be offered daily, while service between Montreal and Ottawa will be offered four times a week.

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