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Dates, Dishes and Destinations for Valentine's Day 2015


With Valentine’s Day 2015 fast approaching, asked Canadians across the country for their thoughts on dream dates, dishes and, of course, destinations for the special day.

When asked who they’d like to spend Valentine’s Day with, Canadians opted for celebrities known for their low key lifestyle and friendly nature came out on top.

The sexiest male Canadian celebrity went to new father, Ryan Gosling (35%), followed by Ryan Reynolds at 31%. The sexiest female Canadian celebrity was taken by Las Vegas’ latest country crooner, Shania Twain (39%). Rachel McAdams took the second spot at 34%.

As for what Canadians would do on their dream date – with options including hotel hot tubs, candlelit restaurant dinners or busy nights with family and friends – most chose to relax in the privacy of their homes.

In fact, 34% of respondents chose a home-cooked meal and a movie at home making it the number one choice with a candlelit dinner at a restaurant taking the second spot at 26%.

Although it may seem like a cliché, according to a survey on spending and trends by AMEX six million Americans expect proposals on Feb. 14th, so it’s safe to assume Canadians are getting down on bended knee on Valentine’s Day as well.

As for which city was the preferred backdrop – Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Whistler or Lake Louise – for a proposal, Alberta took top honours again, with Lake Louise in Banff getting a staggering 40% of votes. This was followed, not so closely, by the Old Port in Montreal (18%) and the Toronto skyline (16%).

Photo Caption: Lake Louise was chosen as the ideal proposal backdrop, trumping both Old Montreal and Halifax Harbour (Source:

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