Take the leap with Contiki

To celebrate this leap year on Feb. 29, Contiki has announced a discount of 29% off on 29 selected departures – inspiring travellers to ‘take the leap’ on travel this year.

This discount will only be available to the first 29 hawk-eyed travellers per departure who can locate the hidden departures on the website. If they want to grab the discount, they’ll have to hunt through Contiki’s 200+ trips around the globe, to find the select departure dates tagged with the words ‘TAKE THE LEAP’.

The launch takes place on Feb. 29. at 12:01 AM EST, and will only be available for 29 hours, encouraging travellers who are quick off the mark to book their trip before the time limit ends.

For more on Contiki’s programs, go to https://www.contiki.com/en-ca