Take To The Slopes For The Holidays

The Canadian Ski Council (CSC) is offering Canadians a way to brighten the holiday season with the simple message: Go Skiing. Go Snowboarding.

It points out that for those looking for a safe, fun, healthy way to spending the upcoming winter break, they need look no further than their local ski slopes and trails.

And if holidayers are looking for a road adventure, there are slopes and trails across Canada, each with their own unique characteristics and activities.

So, says CSC, whether the plan is to stay at home or travel within Canada this holiday, skiing and snowboarding are as Canadian as back-bacon and maple syrup. Every year, thousands of skiers flock to the slopes and trails knowing that skiing is a safe, healthy and fun way to spend time outdoor this holiday and all winter long.

The Council also points out that as skiing is an outdoor sport, contact to COVID is reduced simply by being in the great outdoors. Within each province, lodges and resorts are adhering to local public health guidelines to keep everyone safe. Many resorts offer lessons to teach you everything you need to know to get started and stay safe on your adventure.

It’s also a great workout, delivering the benefits of cardio exercise, as well as increasing flexibility, strengthening joints and lower body muscles, it improves your balance, increases core strength, and promotes coordination.

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