Take To The Slopes Or Links With TravelBrands

TravelBrands has launched a new product line specifically tailored to golf and ski lovers. TravelBrands Golf & Ski, by Ultimate Vacations connects travellers to golf or ski experiences tailored to their preferences.

Nathalie Tanious, senior vice president, TravelBrands, observed: “Activity-based travel is becoming more and more popular for travellers. We know that golf and ski are two activities that Canadians love, and that they will travel to experience the best courses or slopes out there. Now, golf and ski season never have to end. Travel agents can create packages with a strong focus on either of these pastimes through TravelBrands.”

The tour company has the ability to customize golf vacations with confirmed tee times and now offers golf vacations to destinations all over the world including destinations like Arizona, Scotland and the Caribbean.

There are a variety of packages available with stays at world-class hotels and resorts. Travel agents can pair a golf escape with an all-inclusive vacation or create a trip for their clients based on their favourite courses.

For ski enthusiasts, TravelBrands has a team of experts knowledgeable about ski-based vacations. The team can arrange ski vacations for families and groups. TravelBrands has insight on the best ski towns all over the globe, the best times to expect snow and different package types. Some ski destinations include British Columbia, Colorado and Switzerland.

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