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Takeaways From ExploreGB 2021

Sustainable And Local Travel Experiences Guide The Way Forward

It may feel like a distant memory amidst the ongoing pandemic, but VisitScotland’s Senior Insight Manager Chris Greenwood points out that it wasn’t all too long ago that destinations the world over were dealing with the issue of overtourism.

“Among consumers as well, up until the start of 2020, people were increasingly aware of the impact their travel was having and were looking to offset that damage through other ways,” Greenwood said at this month’s virtual ExploreGB conference, VisitBritain’s annual travel trade event. “So, looking at more sustainable ways of travelling, and being able to provide back to the communities that they are going to be engaging with in their tourism and travel activities.”

As international travel eventually starts to pick up again, sustainable and responsible travel will be at the forefront of VisitScotland’s recovery strategy.

“Clearly there is a movement for more responsible and transformational tourism within consumers, but within the industry it’s about building back better and not going back to the way things were before where we had concerns over overtourism,” he said.

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