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Samuel Kunati Ole Tunai’s backyard is home to the king of the beasts and a host of other critters that he wants The Travel Corporation and ME to WE clients to be able to spot while on holiday.

Kunati Ole Tunai, governor of Kenya’s Narok County, told a The Travel Corporation/ME to WE gathering in Toronto on Sept. 21 that his Kenyan jurisdiction is home to the likes of lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes and other creatures that lure wildlife enthusiasts, and he promised that Narok County is taking steps to protect them at a time when much of African wildlife populations are dwindling because of poaching and human encroachment.

“We continue to preserve that great resource for future generations,” he said.

Kenya has the “best game reserves in Africa,” he continued.

The Travel Corporation brands Lion World, Trafalgar and Contiki have all decided to offer Africa.

The Travel Corporation is also affiliated with ME to WE, which also has Kenya programs that include volunteerism and sightseeing.

Kunati Ole Tuani’s area drew praise from Lion World’s Cris David, who told the gathering that the Maasai Mara – found within Narok County — is “probably the most famous and iconic wildlife destination in the world.”

The region has “iconic images of huge herds of game,” he continued.

David added that his company’s programs aren’t only for the well-heeled. “We want to make the safari experience available to everyone.”

Trafalgar president Wolf Paunic added that the launch of an Africa program by his company has been “super exciting.”

Trafalgar gives its clients “the opportunity to connect with local people,” he continued.

Trafalgar has 12 Africa programs.

The audience was also told that those in the 18-to-35-age bracket – Contiki’s target market – are “very eager” to see Africa.

Meanwhile, Jeff Element, who oversees The Travel Corporation’s Canadian operation, singled out Kenya as being a particularly worthwhile destination.

“Tell everybody their next trip…should be to Kenya,” he said.

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Seen here are The Travel Corporation’s Cristina Hure, Emily Bailey, Marie Anne MacRae, Jenni Berg, Dave Marathakis, Sheralyn Berry, Angela Bokma, Anita Emilio, Jason Stremble and Paunic.

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