Taking ‘Journeys’ with Tour East

Tour East Holidays reports its newly released Journeys 2013 brochure is highlighted by photographs of people and places in the destinations featured in its108 pages. For 2013, new tours are available the likes of Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, and more home-stay options in places like Vietnam. “Journeys 2013 is a broad, in-depth travel planner designed for discerning travellers and the tours featured are carefully researched so that they totally enrich your travel experience. Imagine exploring the blissful countryside of Vietnam on a bicycle and then spending a few days in the home of a Vietnamese family; or crawling through the narrow tunnels of Egypt’s great pyramids to reach a chamber where a king was buried 5,000 years ago; or lazily sailing on great lakes and rivers like the Nile or Halong Bay in Vietnam,”Tour East says. Journeys 2013 features more city and resort stays in places like Egypt, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea. To order a copy of the new brochure, e-mail [email protected], contact [email protected] or call 416-929-0888, ext. 2200. (http://www.toureast.com)