Taking The Initiative

Transat may be facing fierce competition on several fronts but the company is fighting back with a series of initiatives to boost efficiency, simplify operations and reduce costs, reports Montreal editor, Mike Dunbar in this week’s digital edition of Canadian Travel Press.

According to company CEO Jean-Marc Eustache, Transat moves some 4.5 million passengers a year, including almost one million Europeans; it boasts revenues in the $3 billion range; flies to some 60 destinations, evenly divided between Europe and the South and employees a team 5,000 strong located in Canada, the UK, France, the US, Mexico the DR and Jamaica.

Speaking at a recent 30th anniversary press conference, Eustache stated, “Our organization has reached this stage because it has been able to adapt to an ever-changing and increasingly competitive environment and it has successfully evolved to rapidly respond to consumers’ needs and expectations when it comes to products, destinations, services and costs.”

The long-time boss explained, “We rely on multi-channel distribution in both our physical and online networks because we want to reach customers any time and wherever they may be. We’ve also made substantial investments in e-commerce and mobility.”

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