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TALKING SALE: New owners for Hedonism II

SuperClubs chairman, John Issa has confirmed that he’s in negotiations to sell Hedonism II to Marshmallow Ltd, a new company headed by majority stockholder Harry Williams and including Jon Gross of UnWind Travel (Fluffernutters), the John Issa Family and Kevin Levee. The group has said that upon conclusion of a deal, there will be a smooth transition of ownership with no interruption to service. All reservations and tour operator contracts will be honoured and the property will not be re-branded and will continue to deliver and enhance the Hedonism Holiday. Commenting on the announcement, Harry Williams said, “Hedonism II is John Issa’s legacy, the concept, formation and operation has so much of him in it. It has been a long-term goal of mine to own the resort and to invest the funds needed to enhance its facilities to even higher standards. We are proud that he has chosen to consider us to continue to innovate, modernize and maintain Hedonism II as the leading resort in our industry.” Jon Gross, CEO of Marshmallow Ltd., commented, “This ownership group is ideal and should calm any fears that Hedonists have had about their beloved resort falling into hands that have no understanding or experience in this market.” Issa said, “Hedonism II is the ultimate gem in its market, not only is the location on the seven-mile beach in Negril ideal but it is the storied resort that all its competitors attempt to live up to. It is an important part of my contribution to tourism and I am happy to be in discussions for it to be preserved for many years to come by people that hold it as dear to their hearts as I do.” Kevin Levee, a 28-year employee of SuperClubs and the current General Manager of the resort added, “Our first goal is to bring the operation of the resort back to 100% and to this end we are immediately investing in many of the facilities.” Marshmallow Ltd has a US$10 million renovation plan including room renovations, which will begin immediately on negotiation completion. Go to http://www.superclubs.com for more.

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