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TAP Goes Retro

In a one-of-a-kind event, passengers embarking on TAP’s “Portugal” Airbus A330 aircraft July 14 took a trip back to the 1970s.

As part of celebrations for its 72 years in the business, TAP invited passengers onboard its retro-styled “Portugal” aircraft heading to Toronto to go back to the glamorous, glorious days of flying in the 1970s.

The cabin crew received passengers wearing one of the most emblematic company uniforms, designed by French stylist Louis Féraud. The interior of the cabin, the headrests, meals and even the inflight entertainment were intended to take passengers on a voyage through time.

The references to days gone by started appearing right at the airport, where the flight check-in desk received passengers sporting TAP’s iconic logo from the 70s, with the offer of a wallet for your boarding pass and luggage tags similar to the one TAP used to give out in the past.

Once on board, passengers were plunged into the 1970s. TAP went through its museum to find some original menus of the time, where it was common to see Portuguese cuisine with a somewhat international flair. And so, on the menu one can find shrimp salad and pheasant terrine, codfish à Zé do pipo, the sirloin à portuguesa and a banana parfait with chocolate for dessert.

On the flight to Toronto was one of TAP’s Michelin chefs, Miguel Laffan of Alentejo restaurant L’And Vineyards. In business class, a red and white wine from L’And Vineyards was served along with caramelized curried almonds and chocolate bonbons created by chef Miguel Laffan.

Passengers were also surprised by the retro branding of some of products being served, namely Coca Cola and Sagres beer, collaborating with TAP on this voyage back in time.

In business, the usual toiletries bag given to passengers was even more special. TAP brought back its iconic fabric case that was handed out in the 1970s and stocked it with products from the time, namely lavender cologne, Benamôr hand cream, Couto toothpaste and pyjamas.

As for the in-flight entertainment, films from the 1970s were available, as well as a golden oldies music channel.

TAP intends to keep on surprising passengers who fly on this retro-styled aircraft and will be sure to fly again back to the 70s, on its way to some of the company’s destinations.

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