2024 TAP Portugal awards honour top performers in Lisbon

TAP Air Portugal rolled out the red carpet for the suppliers and travel agents who soared above the rest in promoting both the airline and the beauty of Portugal.

The stunning Quinta da Pimenteira in Lisbon was the backdrop for the annual TAP Awards, where the best sales partners of 2023 were recognized.

The evening was a star-studded affair, presided over by TAP’s chairman and CEO, Luís Rodrigues. Industry representatives from Portugal, Brazil, the U.S., Canada and Europe gathered to celebrate the top-performing partners. Adding a dash of celebrity glamour, actor and TAP ambassador Ricardo Pereira hosted the event, keeping the crowd entertained until the grand finale – a soulful performance by renowned fado singer Cuca Roseta.

About TAP Awards

These awards aren’t just shiny tokens; they symbolize TAP’s heartfelt appreciation for the suppliers and agents who have propelled the airline’s success with impressive sales figures. By shining a spotlight on these top sellers, TAP underscores the critical role of its business partners in boosting tourism, ensuring robust sales, and promoting sustainability.

TAP extends a warm thank you to all the travel agents who continue to be invaluable allies in the airline’s journey to new heights.

TAP award winners 

Here’s a toast to the suppliers across various markets and categories.

The North American awardees were:

  • Expedia – Top Seller North America
  • Norwegian Cruise Line – Top Cruise Line North America
  • Agencia Global – Top Growth North America ( Canada )

“We are honoured to accept this award for top year-over-year growth in North America. This achievement reflects our collective dedication and commitment to excellence,” said Jimmy Stavropoulos, managing director, Agencia Global. “We deeply value our partnership with TAP Air Portugal, their collaboration and support have been instrumental in our success. We look forward to continuing to work together to provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of travellers worldwide.”


Photo: Angelo Impoco, Aviation Center of Excellence and Strategic Partnerships, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings; Sandeep Sharma, Director, Air Accounts, Expedia Group; Carlos Alberto Mascarenhas Antunes,  Director for the Americas, TAP Air Portugal; Rachael Wilson, Senior Manager Air, Expedia Group; Fernanda Ottavia, Sales and Marketing Manage, North America, TAP Air Portugal;  and Melanie Oliveira da Silva, Manager Sales, Global Sales, TAP Air Portugal.