TAP Portugal now available on APG Platform

TAP Air Portugal is now available in the APG Platform, APG’s NDC portal.

Under this agreement, APG Platform and TAP Portugal provide a full ticketing solution for more than 1,500 travel agencies in 120 countries. It includes the possibility to book, issue, void, refund, and add ancillary services, such as bags, specific equipment, priority boarding and special meals, on the entire TAP network.

“TAP Air Portugal is happy to be partnering with APG, which has been doing pioneering work in promoting NDC technology across different geographies. TAP continues to promote NDC content through this channel and remains committed to improving its retailing capabilities for the benefit of travel agents” said Justin Jovignot, director commercial strategy and distribution.

Additional revenue for travel agents

With 30 carriers available, offering the best fares, APG Platform is a ticketing platform which can assist travel agents to generate additional revenue by enlarging their catalogue and by selling air and non air ancillaries combined.

Uniquely, the APG Platform is promoted and supported in over 150 countries by the APG Network. ​The APG Platform is under the newest XML technology and follows all IATA standards.

Full transparency on all routes

With APG Platform, NON IATA and IATA agencies can find the best offers in full transparency on all the routes operated by an airline.

They can also combine the airline ticket with non-air products, such as hotels, car rentals, and ancillary services (baggage, special meals, sport equipment, assistance, wifi access, lounge access, etc.).

“NDC is changing airline distribution which had not evolved for the last 40 years, and it allows airlines to truly showcase their product,” said Heloise Parrain, APG platform director. “APG offers a unique tool : it mixes technology and commercialization, with the support of a trusted network.”