Tauck Boosts Travel Agent Support


Tauck is helping travel agents navigate the crowded and sometimes confusing European river cruising market with new sales materials that spell out the differences between its river cruises and those offered by other lines.

In addition, the company is encouraging agents to gain first-hand experience on its river cruises (and land tours) by enhancing its “Agent Rewards” travel incentive program.

The Tauck sales materials are contained in a three-piece mailing comprised of a River Cruising Sales Guide, a poster highlighting Tauck’s cruise innovations and exclusive-to-Tauck onshore experiences, and a printed comparison grid contrasting its ships to other lines and their respective vessels. The reverse side of the comparison grid highlights signature elements that make Tauck’s river cruises memorable, grouped into onboard experiences, signature experiences ashore, and cruise components included in Tauck’s prices.

According to officials, the 24-page sales guide provides an in-depth explanation of the “four cornerstones” that differentiate the company’s river cruises – all-inclusive pricing, a high level of service, exceptional destination experience and the intimate onboard atmosphere found on Tauck vessels. Also featured is information on the typical Tauck river cruise customer, suggestions on different client-types that agents might successfully target, frequently asked questions and conversion strategies to help agents grow their Tauck river cruise business.

Tauck is further supporting its agents by enhancing Agent Rewards, the company’s three-year-old incentive program which rewards booking agents with “points” or monetary credits that can be applied to their own personal Tauck journeys. Agents earn $200 in points for each client booked on a Tauck tour or cruise and can accrue up to $12,000 in points every year.

Tauck has recently automated much of the program and moved it online to the company’s Agent Connect password-protected web portal for travel agents. With the program online, agents can review their existing points balance, track their pending points from future bookings, and apply earned points to their own Tauck travels – all from their home or office, with 24/7 convenience.

For further details, agents can call 1-800-468-2825 or email [email protected].