Tauck Is Back

Tauck has operated its first tour departures since the outbreak of COVID-19 last spring.  The company recently completed its initial “Wonderland: Yellowstone in Winter” itineraries of the new year, with additional departures of the eight-day Montana and Wyoming national parks tour scheduled for February.

In the coming months, Tauck is looking forward to restarting operations in earnest, with company CEO Dan Mahar observing that: “Tauck is a family-owned and operated company and for 96 years the safety and well-being of our guests have been our very highest priorities.”

Mahar continued: “We’re thrilled to once again be welcoming guests to Yellowstone, and we’re confident in doing so thanks to the care, thought and planning that we’ve invested in our return to travel.”

He also pointed out that the company has instituted comprehensive safety and health protocols across all its 2021 tours and cruises, including the mandatory use of masks, social distancing wherever possible, and enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures developed in close cooperation with its hoteliers, restauranteurs, transportation companies and other partners.

In addition, and for the protection of all, Tauck is requiring each guest to complete and sign its Travel Well Pledge. This health screening form confirms that guests have tested negative for COVID-19 within five days of departure, are free of virus-related symptoms, and have not been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.

Jeremy Palmer, senior vice president for Tauck Land Journeys, noted that precautions did not dampen the spirit of the Yellowstone travellers. In fact, per feedback shared with Palmer by the Tauck director guides who accompanied the first departures, the guests embraced the assurance and confidence the safety measures fostered.

Said Palmer: “While it’s impossible to totally remove all risk, our guests understand that we’re going to incredible lengths to keep everyone safe and healthy, and that knowledge is allowing everyone to relax, totally engage in the experience, and enjoy these beautiful national parks at this magical time of year.”

Palmer continued: “Even with our robust Covid-19 precautions, our guest satisfaction scores for ‘Yellowstone in Winter’ have been consistent with our tour scores from prior years. It’s clear that we’re fully capable of delivering a Tauck-level experience while remaining diligent about our guests’ health and safety.”

For more on Tauck’s travel agreements and the full details on all enhanced protocols and travel policies, go to https://www.tauck.ca/travel-updates .

In Canada, go to www.tauck.ca for more.