Tauck launching “Smaller Group” tours in 2025

With Tauck’s Small Group tours now accounting for more than half of its non-cruise business each year, the company is leaning into its “small groups” success with the introduction of its new “Smaller Group” tours and departures.

Where Tauck’s Small Group trips will continue to average 24 guests per departure, the new Smaller Group journeys will average just 15 guests. Tauck’s classic land journeys, by comparison, host an average of 35 to 44 guests.

Tauck is piloting the new program in 2024, with the first Smaller Group departures of three tours (“America’s Canyonlands,” “A Week In… Spain” and “A Week In… Ireland”) having operated in recent weeks.

In all, Tauck will pilot 26 Smaller Group departures spanning seven itineraries in North America and Europe this year, and all Smaller Group tours in 2024 will be special departures of existing Tauck itineraries.

Launching in 2025

The program’s official launch is slated for Tauck’s 100th anniversary in 2025, when the company will expand its Smaller Group offerings to include 124 departures across 12 itineraries in North America, Europe and Africa. As in 2024, 2025’s Smaller Groups will feature special departures of existing Tauck itineraries. The program will also feature three African safaris where all departures are Smaller Group offerings. Tauck’s 2025 Smaller Group tours, like all of its other 2025 tours and cruises, are posted on the company’s website, Tauck.com, and open for booking.

“Although a large segment of our guests remain devoted to our classic group size, we’ve also seen incredible growth in our Small Group departures over the past several years,” said Tauck CEO Dan Mahar. “More recently, some of our guests have shown increasing interest in even smaller group sizes. Our market research has zeroed in on an optimal group size of 12-20 among those interested in smaller groups, so our average group size of 15 travelers is right in the center of that sweet spot.”

2024 Smaller Group Departures

North America:

2025 Smaller Group Departures
North America:

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