Tauck Set To Resume Global Operations

Tauck is planning to resume full operations of all remaining 2021 itineraries during August and September.

That plan includes the return of Tauck’s Danube and Rhine river cruises, its land tours in Italy and elsewhere across Europe, and its explorations of far-flung destinations ranging from Morocco to Machu Picchu.

In all, the company said that it expects to operate more than 80% of its pre-pandemic portfolio of tours and cruises this year, with a full return of all itineraries slated for 2022.

Dan Mahar, CEO of Tauck, said that: “If a destination is welcoming American travelers, and if it’s a place where Tauck operates, we’ll be bringing our guests there in the coming months.”

Mahar continued: “The challenges of the past 15 months have been unprecedented in our 96-year history, but the loyalty of our guests and travel advisors, the skill, dedication and hard work of our employees, and our bedrock philosophy to always ‘do the right thing’ have brought us to this day. We’re humbled and grateful, and we’re incredibly excited to move forward.”

Over the past weeks, Tauck has begun operating an increasing number of tour and cruise departures in the U.S. and elsewhere. Earlier this month, it announced the August resumption of a few select land tours and cruises in Europe, its cruises in the Galapagos Islands and its guided safaris in eastern and southern Africa. However, and even with the resumption of those itineraries, Tauck had yet to confirm restart plans for the bulk of its 2021 itineraries which it has now done.

Newly added to Tauck’s restart plans for August are several itineraries in Italy, land tours in Switzerland, the company’s popular “A Week in… Ireland” tour, and its exploration of Jordan and Egypt.

It will also resume operations on the Rhine with its August 25 departure of “The Romantic Rhine” river cruise. The balance of Tauck’s 2021 tours and cruises, including the company’s popular river cruises on the Danube and its other journeys on the Rhine, will begin operating in September.

But Tauck’s boss also sounded a note of caution, pointing out that: “To date the world’s return to travel has gone very, very well, and we have great cause for optimism. However, some restrictions remain in place for destinations like the UK and Canada, and we know that as our industry recovers, there will be twists and turns along the way. We’re as prepared as possible, but we know that the best attitude is to expect the unexpected and to stay flexible.”

And he points out that for the most up-to-date listing and availability of Tauck trips, travellers and travel advisors should go to the company’s website.

Said Mahar: “Restarting operations across the globe isn’t as simple as flipping a switch, of course. Visiting the Open for Travel and Travel Updates pages at Tauck.com continues to be the best way for our guests and travel advisors to stay fully informed on where we’ll be traveling in 2021, and the travel requirements in place for those specific tours and cruises.”

Go to www.tauck.ca for more.