Tauck waives Category 1 single supplement fees

Good news is at hand for solo travellers frustrated by paying a higher per-person cabin rate than cruisers sharing a stateroom with a spouse or friend. Tauck has dropped its “single supplement”for Category 1 cabins on each of its 2013 European river cruises. The savings apply to every departure on all 14 of Tauck’s European river cruise itineraries. “The fact that we’ve waived the Category 1 single supplement on over 100 Tauck river cruise sailings will be welcome news to solo travelers everywhere,”says Tauck CEO Dan Mahar. “What’s more, the savings they’ll enjoy are substantial.”According to Mahar, the savings are as high as US$4,676 (on Tauck’s 24-day, trans-European cruise), and the average savings is over US$2,400. Tauck is also offering savings of US$1,000 off the normal single supplement on Category 3 cabins on selected sailings of eight different European river cruise itineraries. The US$1,000 Category 3 savings represent an average reduction in the single supplement of nearly 40%. (