TDC Adds New Professional Fee Grid

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) is offering its entire network, which consists of its franchisees and corporate-owned agencies, as well as its agent@home program, a revised professional fee grid.

The result of in-depth reflection, this grid aims to detail all the services provided to clients by travel professionals, thus reflecting more accurately the extent of their added value.

And the new grid is accompanied by a comprehensive and free training program for all TDC network travel professionals, introducing a new philosophy towards the invoicing of professional fees.

Louise Fecteau, general manager of Transat Distribution Canada, said that: “At TDC, recognition of the high added value of travel professionals is vital, and the new grid we are offering today is another concrete example of this.”

Fecteau continued: “We believe that this new approach, which focuses on the level of service and experience desired by the customer, rather than on the type of product sold, is a win-win situation, since it clearly demonstrates to the customer all the services obtained in return for payment.”

TDC’s general manager concluded by stating that “personally, I have always been a strong advocate of professional fees. In any field of activity, professionals charge fees in return for their expertise. I think now is a good time to send a clear and strong message to travellers: true travel professionals are those who charge professional fees. The travel agency industry as a whole will be the winner.”

The new grid, based on two different service levels, each with associated fees, will be implemented in all Transat Travel agencies as of March 1, 2021, allowing all advisors to take the training beforehand.