TDC Making It New

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) has inaugurated eX par Voyages Transat – a new boutique concept that it says will change the way travellers books their holidays.

At the new eX par Voyages Transat boutique, visitors will experience where innovation meets vacation planning.

Clients will be able to use interactive digital installations, attend workshops and presentations to get inspired for their next vacation. Plus, they will have the opportunity to dive into virtual reality and take a tour onboard Air Transat’s Airbus A330 aircraft.

TDC’s travel experts will help visitors customize their itinerary exactly the way they want, using technology and a stimulating environment that reflects one’s preferences.

Nathalie Boyer, general manager of TDC, observed that: “For us, it was important to provide visitors with a fresh and new boutique concept not only to stay competitive and continue to appeal to our current customer base, but also to attract a younger audience with different buying habits, always placing our travel experts at the centre of the experience.”

And Boyer continued: “This concept will also serve as a ‘laboratory’ for the start of a new vision we hope to expand throughout our entire agency network one day.”

Whether it’s to plan an unforgettable adventure or simply some relaxation in the sun, TDC’s travel experts will be ready to service clients and turn travel dreams into a reality. eX par Voyages Transat, located in the heart of Quartier DIX30 is the first stop before all future stops in the customer’s travel journey.