TDC Picks DataCandy For New Gift Card Program

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) has picked DataCandy for its new gift card program, launching this month.

The lucrative travel gift card market is a great opportunity to acquire two customers with one transaction; the customer who buys it and the one who receives it.

TDC has a unique gift card that can be issued and redeemed across its nationwide branded network including Marlin Travel, Club Voyages, Transat Travel, Voyages Transat, and TravelPlus.

Consumers can redeem their TDC travel gift card with one of our hundreds of experienced Travel Professionals on all travel with no restrictions and it never expires.

This gift card is truly perfect for any occasion.

Susan Bowman, vice-president marketing and industry relations for TDC, said, “The new TDC DataCandy platform allows us to offer plastic or electronic gift cards, along with the added accessibility to store these in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay account.”

Bowman pointed out that, “TDC gift cards have no maintenance or inactivity fees. Our program originated in 2015 and to date millions of TDC gift cards have been sold. We are very excited to launch this newest version of our TDC gift card.”