TDC Sets Sail With Le Boat

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) is partnering with Le Boat to offer Canadians an opportunity to travel aboard a luxury houseboat  on the Rideau Canal.

For couples and families dreaming about next summer’s vacation, TDC and Le Boat are offering a chance to unwind along the 202 kilometres of the Canadian waterway and discover the pristine wilderness and many towns between Kingston and Ottawa in the comfort of their own floating home!

Louise Fecteau, General Manager, TDC, said that: “Vacationers are always on the lookout for original and unique experiences, while having the opportunity to change the scenery. Travelling on a modern houseboat offers just that.”

And, Fecteau continues, “Because most agencies within our network specialize in leisure, travel professionals will be thrilled to add this option to their portfolio. I am sure many travellers are not aware that they have access to this type of experience in Canada, and that most importantly, you don’t need any boating licence or experience to enjoy it.”

Le Boat offers four categories of boat classes in Europe, depending on your budget and the number of people you wish to accommodate: Budget, Comfort, Comfort Plus and Premium.

In Canada, however, Le Boat only offers its most Premier class of boat, the luxury Horizon Cruiser.

Lisa McLean, Le Boat’s North American Marketing Manager, said: “Our fleet of boats are not like your idea of a “traditional houseboat. They have been designed specifically for Le Boat with the non-boater in mind and have been compared to a floating cottage or condo and resemble a private yachting experience.”

They come with a fully equipped kitchen, bright cabins with private bathroom and ensuite shower, roomy top deck ‘FUN DECK” with BBQ hot plate, sunshade and lot of space to lounge, relax and enjoy boating life.

With over 50 years of experience and a fleet of 950 boats worldwide, LeBoat launched its first Canadian destination in 2018 and operates 37 bases in France, Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

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