TDC Showcases The Value Of Agents

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) is showcasing the contributions of travel professionals in a new advertising campaign.

The campaign illustrates different situations experienced by a traveller and most importantly, shows how the travel professional’s contribution makes all the difference for that traveller.

“Get the vacation you really want,” is the promise that travel professionals make to their clients every time they book a vacation with them, because the traveller’s interests are at the heart of every travel professional’s decision.

The TDC network is extremely proud to act as a pioneer by highlighting the remarkable work of these women and men who are always ready to support their customers, no matter what the situation,” says Louise Fecteau, General Manager of Transat Distribution Canada.

Said Fecteau: “Historically, travel professionals have always been the ones developing and designing vacations based on the needs and above all, the specific desires of the client sitting in front of them; because the definition of a beautiful beach is not the same for everyone, the human intervention of advisors makes all the difference by combining the customer’s desires with their in-depth knowledge of destinations and suppliers. This is the essential idea we wanted to convey through this campaign.”

ACTA president, Wendy Paradis said of the initiative: “Recognizing the contribution, and value of travel professionals is the reason behind ACTA’s actions and we applaud this initiative by the TDC network, one of our important partners, for presenting it so eloquently to consumers.”

Paradis continued: “More than ever, travellers feel the need to be reassured and guided, as the world of travel is changing. No other professional is better equipped to do so than the travel professional, since the customer’s vacation experience, including their health and well-being, is and has always been at the forefront for our members.”

TDC’s Fecteau said that: “One thing is clear: the travel industry is here to stay, even if it is hit particularly hard by the current times.”

She continued: “In the coming months, at the dawn of a transformed travel industry, travel professionals will, more than ever, be the indispensable reference for travellers. They are in the best position to guide them through the different variances of this new reality, giving them all the information they need to make the best decisions according to their needs.”

And Fecteau concluded: “That’s why I’m so pleased to highlight their exceptional work, and to tell travellers that TDC’s travel professionals are ready to welcome them to do what they love most: build them the vacation they really want, the way they imagine it.”


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