TDC Takes It To The Next Level


In an effort to increase Group Sales, Transat Distribution Canada has rolled out a Europe Groups Training program designed specifically for its member agents.

As part of that program, TDC recently took 20 participants from Ontario and Western Canada to Budapest, Hungary and Prague for some in-depth training on how to promote Transat’s Europe product to the group travel market.

The trip included stops in key destinations, hotel site inspections and a custom-designed educational guide that featured overviews of TDC’s unique consumer benefits.

As well, participants also had the opportunity to take part in educational forums designed to help them develop actionable plans that included establishing sales objectives and selling strategies to increase their group business to Europe.

TDC’s vice-president marketing and industry relations, Susan Bowman pointed out that: “Group Travel continues to rise and it is not limited to just the south. We chose to focus on Budapest and Prague as they are two of the fastest growing destinations for Canadian travellers headed abroad.”

And Bowman added: “Feedback from the participants has been overwhelming, with 100% overall satisfaction on this new program.”