Team Baxter Gives Back

Members of the Baxter Travel Media team volunteered their time on Friday afternoon to sort and pack more than 400 pieces (so far) of clothing items, donated by HotCool Wear, to be shipped to Dominica.

Residents of the Caribbean nation are still struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria earlier this fall.

Thanks to Nancy Drolet of the Caribbean Tourism Organization for connecting Baxter with Frances Del Sol, Trade and Investment Commissioner for Dominica, who is arranging for transportation of these and other items to the island.

The needs of the people of Dominica go beyond sleepwear, and include items such as as small tools, safety boots, blankets, pillows and cots, solar chargers, tarpaulins and medical supplies. If you are able to join Baxter Travel Media in contributing to a future shipment, contact Del Sol directly at 416-578-6649.

HotCool Wear is owned by Baxter’s Wendy McClung and her late business partner and friend Jutta Smardenka. Together they built a thriving business on moisture-wicking sleepwear, aptly called HotMama. Over the last few years, they have been giving back to shelters and women in need, but this is the company’s first international donation.