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Technology, Innovation Boost Cultural Tourism

In an effort to advance use of innovation and cutting-edge technologies into cultural tourism practices, destinations and products, the International Seminar on Harnessing Cultural Tourism through Innovation and Technology will be held in Hamedan, Iran alongside the 40th UNWTO Affiliate Members Plenary Session from Nov. 12 to Nov. 14, 2018.

The seminar recognizes the significance of innovation in managing and promoting cultural tourism, which is one of the largest global tourism markets, and the opportunities of integrating innovative governance into the management of cultural tourism destinations.

Through disrupting the sector and creating opportunities for improving governance, competitiveness and cultural resource preservation, innovation and technology are instrumental in enhancing cultural tourism development.

It will feature three panels, exploring how big data, innovative business models, digital services and marketing, along with other new technology can ensure long-term sustainability, profitability and competitiveness for cultural tourism products while preserving their authenticity.

The keynote panel will explore how innovation and technology generate new opportunities for, and motivate new players to enter, the cultural tourism sector.

It’s estimated that 4 out of 10 tourists choose their destination based on its cultural offering and the early November conference will explore how this choice is increasingly motivated by intangible factors such as a place’s culture, history, traditions and atmosphere, or its association with famous people, ideas or events.

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