Tempting fares from Air France

Air France is offering reduced Voyageur and Premium Voyageur fares on its flights out of Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa to a number of destinations. In Voyageur class (Economy), travellers can fly to France and Spain from $899. Other destinations featured in the promotion include Lebanon and Israel ($1,099), as well as Thailand and Mauritius ($1,299). The promotion runs until Feb. 21, and applies to trips with departures between May 7 and June 18, 2012. In Premium Voyageur class, which offers numerous advantages including 40% more space than economy seating and a two 23-kg baggage allowance, fares start at $1,199 for France, $1,250 for Turkey, $1,275 for Italy, and $1,699 for India. These fares are also in effect until Feb. 21. They apply to travel up to May 6, 2012. Go to for more.