Thailand Gets A Lift With Air Canada

Thailand’s tourist trade is on the verge of getting a major boost from Air Canada, with the carrier planning to begin linking Vancouver and Bangkok on Dec. 1, with four weekly flights available.

It will be the first nonstop service between this country and Thailand and the carrier is reporting strong bookings for the coming months.

Titiporn Manenate, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s executive director, The Americas Region Department,¬†used a Thursday Toronto gathering to thank Air Canada for its “brand-new flights.”

Misty Khaola-iead of the tourism authority’s Toronto office in turn said her office has encountered people who had “never considered Thailand” as a vacation destination because of the lack of direct service.

“For us it’s like opening a new door,” she said of the upcoming route.

Meanwhile, Manenate cited other developments that should make her homeland look more attractive to Canadian tourists, among them upon-arrival visas now enabling us to stay for 45 days, up from 30.

As well, Thailand has dropped COVID-testing requirements for those entering the country.

Thai tourism authorities are always quick to promote the country’s cuisine and Thursday’s event was held at the PAI restaurant, which has a chef from the area surrounding the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai.

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