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THE AZORES – An Adventure In Gastronomy

Travellers will find their senses heightened and delighted by volcanic landscapes, lush gardens, quaint villages, culture, adventure, wellness, and warm and friendly hospitality that includes a menu of incredible cuisine in the nine islands of the Azores.

Experience spectacular ocean life, awe-inspiring scenery and the wonders of this archipelago. The temperate air and water temperatures gives the Azores Islands year-round charm for sightseers, nature enthusiasts and adventures seekers alike. There are volcanic trails for all levels of hiking, amazing bird-watching, the thrill of canyoning and a myriad of watersports, including surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking. There are thermal spas for the ultimate in relaxation, golf courses with magical views and so much more. The islands are very lush, with spectacular displays of Hydrangea. History and culture buffs will be inspired by the many UNESCO sites.

The Azores are considered one of the world’s largest whale sanctuaries with over twenty species visiting the islands. Beach and ocean lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the Azores islands’ gorgeous natural black sand beaches, geological ocean pools, and world-class diving, not to mention whale watching and playful dolphins.


Even though the Azores Islands have become known as a nature and adventure destination, Azorean gastronomy and wines are receiving international attention and are a “foodie’s” delight.

While there are some shared flavours in Azorean cuisine, each island’s recipes have their own individual imprint. With the fresh sea air and all the activities building appetites, gastronomes will relish Azorean cuisine.

Famous for fresh grilled seafood, traditional dishes of Caldo de Peixe (Fish Soup), Cozido das Furnas (stew) and Azorean cheeses, the Azores have something special for everyone.

Wine is produced on the islands of Pico, Graciosa and Terceira, but now from different grapes and complementing the once famous Verdelho wine. Tea is planted on the island of São Miguel, adding another exotic taste to the pleasure of Azorean culinary delights.


At the end of each exciting day of new flavours and adventures, sleeping in the Azores is an unforgettable experience.

On any of the nine islands, diving into sleep to the sound of the waves breaking and waking up as the sun peeks over the horizon is like awakening from a good dream.

Accolades for The Azores include: World Travel Award for Europe’s Leading Adventure destination, they were voted one of the safest European destinations in 2022, and they are the first archipelago in the world to achieve an international certification of sustainable destination under the EarthCheck Sustainable Destination program.

Getting there is easy – it’s only a five-and-a-half hour flight from Toronto with Azores Airlines (five hours from Montreal).

Come experience the flavours of the Azores for yourself.