The Bahamas Open For Business


The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (BMOT) is sending out the message that the destination is open for business, receiving an “all-clear” after Hurricane Joaquin touched down in the Central and Southern Bahamas on Oct. 1.

“We know that this has been devastating for several islands in the Southern Bahamas and our thoughts, prayers and good wishes and everything with that goes out to the people of those affected islands,” said Joy Jibrilu, director general of the BMOT. “Although you can see the sun and people are on the beach in Nassau, for us the work continues.”

The Family Islands islands of Exuma, Long Island and San Salvador, where roughly 520 visitors were staying at the time of impact, were most affected by the hurricane. Nassau and Paradise Island had over 5,250 visitors and Grand Bahama had over 2,000 visitors.

“It is imperative that we send the message out to the world that The Bahamas is open for business,” she says. “Those who are scheduled to leave later have not changed their flights. They have decided to enjoy The Bahamas another day.”