The Courtyards Are Back In Zagreb

The Courtyards – Dvorista – are back in Zagreb this summer, revealing the hidden secrets of the Upper Town, one of the city’s most exciting parts.

From July 13 to July 24, visitors can experience Zagreb in a new light and peek behind the facades of the magical historic Upper Town palaces.

Along with entertainment and ambiance, The Courtyards have been recognized as a synonym for good music, quality performers, and live performances for various musical genres, from jazz to classical to pop.

The Courtyards bring two locations premiered in 2019 as part of the National House of HAZU: the upper representative courtyard on Opaticka street (Opaticka 18) and the lower, slightly hidden overlooking Radiceva Street (Dvoranski precac 1).

This season The Courtyards event reveals something completely new – the Observatory Courtyard in Pop’s Tower on the top of Opaticka street, as well as the Archaeological Garden, the northern courtyard of the Zagreb City Museum with an entrance from the courtyard of the Observatory.

The most popular location is the courtyard of Erdödy-Keglevic Palace, which once was the home of the Croatian National Revival leader, Ljudevit Gaj and the site of his famous Illyrian printing house.

Martina Bienenfeld, director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, said: “One of Zagreb’s most recognizable summer events, The Courtyards, is a true example of how we can innovate and upgrade the city’s tourism experience. With a rich music program in the most exciting Zagreb locations, The Courtyards encourage spending time outdoors and socializing during pleasant summer evenings. Visit the Upper Town and enjoy the ambiance of the beautiful Zagreb Courtyards.”

The event is open every day from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am, and the entrance is free.