The Mexico Tourism Board has launched a Mexico Specialist Course designed specifically for Canadian agents. It is designed to make agents confident about selling Mexico, and is required to obtain the status and benefits of a Mexico Specialist.
The course has four mandatory sections: Welcome to Mexico; Before You Go; After You Arrive and Special Interest Travel. Also available are courses on Mexico´s niche specialty products, ranging from luxury and eco-adventure, to cooking schools, spas, and destination weddings.
Magic of Mexico has been in the market more than 20 years and is aimed at educating travel agents about Mexico.
Now it offers Canadian agents specific tools to expand their knowledge of Mexico, as well as understand Mexico´s brand strengths, key benefits for Canadian travellers, geography, climate and history. It also provides access to electronic resources, guides, maps, supplier resources and key Mexico contacts.
Finally, it helps agents confidently address client’s questions and concerns about various topics, ranging from entry requirements, to cuisine, safety, domestic transportation, shopping and insider tips.