The New Era Of Tourism

Destination Canada is aiming for a tourism renaissance that builds wealth and wellbeing across the hosting communities while enriching guests.

A new report by Destination Canada indicates that Canada’s tourism industry is expected to recover fully as early as 2024 – a full year faster than expected.

That good news – and the lessons learned over the past 30 months – are the foundation of Destination Canada’s ambitious plans to propel Canadian tourism to new levels in a fiercely competitive environment.

“We can’t outspend them,” explained Destination Canada president and CEO Marsha Walden, “But maybe we can outsmart them.”

Addressing delegates at the 2022 TIAC Tourism Congress, Walden described the organization’s new agenda to improve Canada’s competitiveness in the short and long term, and its new approach to data to spur innovation and development.

She also announced an important new initiative, the Canadian Tourism Data Collective. A partnership between Destination Canada, Statistics Canada and others, this new organization will empower public and private sector stakeholders of all sizes and from all regions to make informed choices and draw investors to the sector using supply side data.

The focus is:

  • Brand resonance
  • Legendary experiences
  • Industry vitality
  • Social Licence

Walden explained how the organization’s approach has shifted, from focusing on revenues to focusing on yield; redefining high value guests, ensuring that tourism makes better use of its assets; building new global partnerships, and finally, becoming an insights-driven organization.

Destination Canada is also expanding its focus from demand stimulation to the broad area of supply, including asset and destination development, transportation access, social licence and environmental stewardship.

According to Destination Canada senior vice president, marketing strategy and chief marketing office, Gloria Loree, this innovative approach has helped build a new global brand strategy that celebrates a core truth about Canada – its openness – open minds, open hearts, open spaces.